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Create (or Edit) Calendar Events

An online calendar is a resource that can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. Using the powerful online calendar, you can create new events, make changes to existing events, and even schedule complex recurrences of events.

Step By Step

  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab, then click "Events".Calendar Menu


  2. Click the Add Event button to create a new event.

    Add or Edit Event


    Click the Edit button next to an existing event to modify it.

  3. Configure the properties of your event.

    1. Enter the Event title

    2. Select the type of event

    3. If the event is a one-time event, specify the date and time (then skip the next step)

    4. If the event is a reoccurring event, click Edit Recurrence, then select the appropriate recurrence pattern.

    5. Enter any descriptive information about the event that might be helpful to site visitors including text, pictures, hyperlinks, etc. Do not include location or contact information in this section, since that information will be entered soon.

    6. Select any Subcalendars you would like this event to be part of

    7. Enter as much or as little location information as you have available for this event. (e.g. Room 314, The Smith's Home, etc.)
      Event Location and Contact Information

    8. Enter as much or as little contact information as you have available for this event.

  4. Click Save.