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Working with the text on a website is one of the most fundamental actions a site editor performs. Whether you're adding some new information, fixing a typo, creating a hyperlink, or removing something that has become out of date, you'll find editing text to be an easy process.

Step by Step

  1. To edit text on a page of your site, first open the page you wish to edit. (Step-by-step instructions here.)

  2. In the Main Area tab, edit the text you wish to edit. (Note: If your site utilizes sidebar areas, you may also see a "Sidebar Area" tab next to the Main Area tab.)

    Sidebar Area

    Note: If you do not see a "Sidebar Area" tab as pictured above, this means that your site either does not utilize sidebar areas or that your site utilizes site-wide sidebar areas.

  3. The text editing tools are similar to most word processing programs. For complete details see the Editor Tools Overview.

  4. Once you've completed your edit, add a change comment so that in the future you (and other site editors) will understand what changes you made to this page.

  5. Click Publish to save your edits and publish the page and the content in its sidebar.