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Tables (also known as charts) can do more than just hold your dinnerware. On a website they're the perfect way to organize information.

To add a table, when you're editing a page:

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like the table to be positioned.

  2. Click the INSERT/EDIT TABLE button ().

  3. Set Properties: When the table properties box pops up, you can choose the specifications of your table much like you would in a word processing program.
    Table Properties Window

    1. Choose how many rows and columns.
    2. Add a title.
    3. Set the alignment of the text and the border size.
    4. Click OK.
  4. Fill in the table: in the Main Editor screen after clicking OK. You can move the table, click inside the cells to add text, and adjust the width.

    1. When you add text at first, you may see the other cells in the table shrink, however as you add text to the other cells, their width will auto-adjust.
    2. You may also insert an image into your table. See the Images page for more details.
  5. Modify the table or chart: by selecting the table you wish to modify and clicking the the INSERT/EDIT TABLE button ([  ]) or right-clicking on the table.

    1. To erase the outline: go to table properties, and change the Border Size to 0.
    2. You can add a caption.
    3. You can create a header.
    4. To edit rows: go to "table properties," then "row."
    5. To edit columns: go to "table properties," then "column."
    6. To edit cells: go to "table properties," then "cell."