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Podcasting allows you to easily post media files to your website and present them to site visitors in an intuative way. Your site visitors can choose to play or download an individual episode in your podcast... or they can subscribe to your podcast via iTunes or another RSS subscription service of their choice.

Step By Step

  1. Navigate to the Media tab, then to the "Podcast" link.

  2. To create a new podcast, click the Add Podcast button. This needs done only once per podcast.

    If you're new to podcasting, it may help to think of a podcast as a radio or television show. The show concept is created only once, after which multiple episodes are created within the show.

    After a podcast is created, it may be edited at any time by clicking in the Properties button next to it.

  3. To add a new episode to an existing podcast, click Open next to the appropriate podcast, then click Add Episode.

  4. Assign the various properties of the new episode and choose an MP3 file to upload, then click Save.
    Note: For your protection, a 50MB limit is in place for each file uploaded.

  5. You may also upload multiple episodes in a batch by clicking Upload Multiple Files.

Working with Audio

Speech-based vs. Music-based audio
As a general rule of thumb, 50MB is enough for 90 minutes of speech-based audio or about 40 minutes of music-based audio with the correct settings. Need help choosing those settings? Check out our brief overview of Audio for web.

Converting audio using iTunes
iTunes is one of the most popular audio management and conversion tools. We've written up a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get audio ready for podcasting. View the guide

Linking to a Podcast

Detailed directions for creating a hyperlink to a Podcast are available on the Hyperlinks page.