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Documents you upload to the media section of your site can be viewed as downloadable PDFs or as Flipbooks. PDFs are a special format that displays the same across devices and outputs. Flipbooks are interactive online versions of books, catalogs, brochures, booklets, etc. Simply upload your PDF and Radius does the rest, converting your document into a Flash-based flipbook that your site visitors can "flip" through.

Click here to view a sample Flipbook


Step By Step: Working With Collections

Your Documents are grouped into collections for easy management, and this is the first thing you will see when visiting the page. Create different collections for different categories of documents. For example, a business, you may want a collection for brochures, a church may wany a collection for bulletins, etc.

  1. Navigate to the "Media tab" and click the "Documents" link.

  2. Click Add Collection to create a new Document Collection. Use Document Collections to help useful to keep your Documents organized.

    1. Give the new Collection a name, description, and any notes that will be helpful to you.
    2. Click Save

Step By Step: Working With Documents

Once you have created or opened the desired collection, you may now begin working with your documents.

  1. Click Add Document to create a new Document.

    1. Give the Document a Name

    2. Notes are for your own use and will not display publicly

    3. Entering a Date into the date field will allow you to sort your Documents (newest -> oldest)

    4. Use Document Status to hide a document from public view

    5. Display controls what output is available for visitors.
      We recommend the "Both" option for best access. The Flipbook output currently use Flash for interactivity, so are not available on mobile devices.

    6. Upload a PDF file of your document. Need help creating PDFs? (NOTE: If you wish to include multiple PDFs into a single Flipbook, you will need to combine those file into a single PDF for uploading. Need help combining PDFs?)

    7. Click Save.

  1. Click Properties next to an existing Document to edit it.

    1. After making changes to the title or notes, click Save.

    2. Or click Delete to delete the Document.

Moving a Document

You can use the following method to move documents between departments for better organization.

  1. Open the collection that contains the Document

  2. Click Properties on the desired Document

  3. Click on the Collection field.

  4. Select the desired collection

  5. Click Save


Creating a PDF

See our helpful guide on creating PDF documents. This guide is also a useful resource for combining multiple PDFs into a single PDF file for uploading as a single document.

Linking to a Document

Detailed directions for creating a hyperlink to a Document are available on the Hyperlinks page.

Sorting Documents


Document Collections are ordered according to creation date. The oldest collection, according to creation date, will appear at the top of the list, and the most recent collection will appear at the bottom.


Documents themselves are ordered by creation creation date by default. The most recently added Documents will appear at the top of the list so they are immediately viewable to visitors, and will continue on a descending basis based on creation date. However, putting your own date into the date field of the Document's properties will override the creation date. Your Documents will then sort based on date entered, with the most recent appearing at the top.

Want more options?

Stay tuned. As Radius improves, we look forward to adding more and broader ways of sorting and managing your documents!

Document Pages

Though your document contains multiple pages these can no longer be reordered. To reorder the pages in an online document, just upload a new PDF.

Mobile Access

Doocuments can be accessed on mobile devices through PDF download. Apple devices have a fully integrated PDF reader that will display the document in the web browser. Most Android devices come with a PDF reader pre-loaded that will open the files after download and Adobe's PDF reader is available for free download on mobile platforms.