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Slideshows are a powerful way to easily create a dynamic site. Slideshows can be embedded anywhere in your site. They can be used to promote a series of special events or products or to simply "set the mood" with a series of images. Plus, your slideshows will even display correctly on mobile devices that won't display Flash elements!

Step By Step: Working With Slideshows

  1. Navigate to the "Media tab" and click the "Slideshows" link.

  2. Click Add Slideshow to create a new Slideshow.

    1. Give the new Slideshow a name.

    2. Set the dimensions of this particular Slideshow so that it is optimized for use on your web site. This requires a little planning. If your site includes a Slideshow semi-permanently baked into the design then its dimensions are predetermined by the site design. However, additional Slideshows can be configured to whatever dimensions you prefer. While any ratio is permissible, the most popular ratios for Slideshows are 16:9 ("widescreen") and 4:3 ("regular"), with the width optimized to the width of your site's content area. If you're uncertain how to determine that width, we'll be glad to help.

    3. Choose whether this particular Slideshow will display its slides in sequential order or in random order.

    4. Choose how long (1-10 seconds) each slide will be displayed before transitioning to the next slide.

    5. Determine how fast the transition (cross fade) will occur between each slide.

    6. Click Save.

  3. Click Properties next to an existing Slideshow to edit it.

    1. After making changes, click Save.

    2. Or click Delete to delete the Slideshow entirely.


Step By Step: Working With Slides

Slides in a slideshow are very flexible ways to add content. You can include images, text, links, or even advanced layouts similar to a page. In fact, editing your slides works very similarly to the Pages in which you are already familiar!

  1. Navigate to the "Media tab", click the "Slideshows" link, and click Open next to the Slideshow whose slides you wish to manage.

  2. Click Add Slide to add a slide to the Slideshow.

    1. Enter a brief description of the slide into the "Notes" field. Since slides don't have titles, this will serve as the label by which you can later identify the slide in the list of other slides.

    2. Add whatever material you wish to the "Contents" field to serve as the slide. The slide can be created "on the fly" using any of the standard editing tools. But it is most typical to insert a pre-created image (already sized for this particular Slideshow) into the "Contents" field using the Insert Image button ().
      Hint: Consider making the image into a hyperlink so that this particular slide can take site visitors to a related page on your site.

    3. Click Save.

  3. Click Edit next to any slide in the Slideshow to modify that particular slide.

    1. You may change the slide's notes or its contents, then click Save.

    2. Or you may click Delete to remove the particular slide from the Slideshow.

  4. You may reorder the slides within the Slideshow by dragging them up or down in the list. Note: Reordering the slides within a Slideshow will only have an effect on the public view of the Slideshow if the Slideshow is configured with a sequential display order. If the Slideshow is configured with a random display order, that setting will override the slide order established in the list view.


Embedding a Slideshow

Step-by-step instructions for embedding a Slideshow after it's been created are available on the Slideshow Widget page.