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Supported Browsers

Getting the most out of Radius Web Tools requires a modern browser. There's been something of a renaissance in browser development in the past few years which has resulted in browsers that are much faster and much more capable than their predecessors. Radius Web Tools takes advantage of many of these latest features to make editing your site as fast and easy as possible. Fortunately, there are many great free (and paid) browsers to choose from for every platform.

Radius Web Tools Administrative Interface

Supported Browsers


 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 & 7 8 & 9 10 & 11

 Mozilla Firefox 3.5 - 5 previous version* current version*

 Google Chrome* previous version* current version*

 Apple Safari 5 6-7 8+

 Opera** 9 10+ 12**


* Chrome and Firefox auto-update and are therefore always supported
** Opera is generally standards-compliant, but is not actively tested against Radius Web Tools.

These browsers are significantly outdated with performance issues, security risks, and unsupported features.
These browsers are one or more versions behind the latest release. They may or may not take advantage of the newest Radius features.
These are the latest releases that will give you the fastest, most stable, and most feature-rich experience. We actively test all Radius features in these browsers to ensure seamless performance.


Beta Browsers - We actively test Radius on new versions of browsers as they near completion. However, since they are still under development, this is a bit of a moving target.

Mobile Browsers - Many features in Radius will work on your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, and other mobile platforms. And we're actively working on new tools for mobile systems. However, you may find reduced functionality or no functionality in some cases. Most notably, right now the WYSIWYG editor is not yet fully supported by all mobile browsers.

Public-Facing Sites

Supported Browsers

Since you cannot control which browsers your site visitors will use to visit your website, all current Radius site designs are built to support an even broader list of browsers for site viewing than those supported for site editing. These are:

Internet Explorer: 8+
Firefox: current & recent version
Chrome: current version & recent version
Safari: 6+
Opera: 9+

If your site design is more than 2 years old, contact us to discuss options for upgrading your site design to support as many browsers as possible.