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Create A Page

Whether you're launching a new initiative that demands a whole new set of pages on your web site all at once, or just adding a new page here and there on occasion, creating new pages on your web site couldn't be easier!

Step by Step

  1. Log in to Radius and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Create a new blank page by clicking Add Page.* (Yes, it's really that simple.)

  3. Type in a page Title (required) and Subtitle (optional). Creating page titles and subtitles is a little bit of an art form. And like any art, the best way to master it is... practice, practice, practice! While you're practicing, it may be helpful to take note of how other sites write page titles and subtitles (for better or worse). It may also be helpful to think of the title and subtitle of a site page much like the title and subtitle of a book. The title is often a little more creative and "inspirational," lacking specificity. While the subtitle is often used to add clarity to the title. Consider these identical titles whose subtitles clearly indicate the differences a potential reader might expect between the two books.

    Prairie Winds
    Romance on the American Frontier


    Prairie Winds
    Alternate U.S. Energy Sources for 2010

    Of course, if you chose not to include a subtitle for your new page, the title will bear the responsibility of providing an accurate page overview all on its own.

  4. After you've given your new page a title (and perhaps even a subtitle), it's time to create the content of the page. This can include text, images, videos, Flash animations, hyperlinks, tables, etc. You can review the Editor Tools Overview page, or select a particular tool's help page from the menu to the left.

  5. To save your new page simply click Publish or Save as Draft . The difference between these two "save" options is explained here.

  6. Even though your new page is technically live and ready for the world to see, you will need to give your site visitors a way to find the page among the innumerable pages on the internet. This can be accomplished either by adding the page to a Site Menu so that site visitors can find it themselves or by assigning the page a Custom URL which you can promote via email or print.

*Note for Multi-Department Sites

If your web site utilizes multiple departments, you may need to navigate to another department to create the new page in the correct department by clicking Switch departments. The current department will be listed near the top of the screen as the "Our Team" department is shown here.