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Edit A Page


Editing an existing page is one of the most common user tasks. And Radius makes it easy!

Step by Step

  1.  Log in to Radius and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Once you find the page you'd like to edit, click Edit next to the page. (If the page name is less-than-helpful in identifying the correct page, you can preview the page by clicking the Preview link.)

  3. You can now revert to a previous version of this page or edit a number of items related to this page:

    Title - Change a page title freely without affecting hyperlinks to the page.

    Subtitle - Modify or add a page subtitle.

    Page Location - Move the page to another folder or department.

    Page Status - The page status is set to "Active" by default, but you can change a page's status to "Inactive" in order to make it inaccessible to the public. This will not only hide the page itself, but also prevent it's content from being found via a site search.

    Content Editors - All sites have a "Main Area" tab for creating and editing page content. If your site utilizes a sidebar areas, a tab labeled "Sidebar Area" will be available above the editor window. For detailed instructions regarding the use of the various Editor Tools, click here.

  4. When you are finished editing your page, we highly recommend entering a brief -but-descriptive Change Comment for future reference.

  5. Now that your page edit is complete, simply click Publish or Save as Draft . The difference between these two "save" options is explained here.


*Note for Multi-Department Sites

If your web site utilizes multiple departments, you may need to navigate to another department to create the new page in the correct department by clicking Switch departments. The current department will be listed near the top of the screen as the "Our Team" department is shown here.