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Delete A Page

Before you delete a page from your website, may we suggest you consider two other options: you could simply Deactivate the page; and/or you could remove the page from the Navigational Menu. Either of these options will preserve the page for later use while removing it from public view. If you're sure that you want to delete the page, here's what you need to know.

Step by Step

  1.  Log in to Radius and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Find the page you'd like to delete—remembering that it may be located inside a folder—and click Edit next to that page.*

  3. Click Delete located below the content editor window.


*Note for Multi-Department Sites

If your web site utilizes multiple departments, you may need to navigate to another department to create the new page in the correct department by clicking Switch departments. The current department will be listed near the top of the screen as the "Our Team" department is shown here.