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Sidebar Areas

Sidebar areas on web pages are typically used like sidebars in magazines. However, as you might expect, sidebar areas on a web site offer more powerful features than do sidebars in a magazine. Not all web sites utilize sidebar areas. Whether or not a site has sidebar areas is determined by the site design you have chosen.

Step by Step

If your site utilizes sidebar areas, there are two ways they may be configured.

Configuration 1: Page-Specific Sidebar Areas

If your site is configured to utilize page-specific sidebar areas, then each page's sidebar area will display text and images specific to that page. This kind of sidebar area is editable through a "Sidebar Area" tab on each page.

  1. Follow Steps 1-3 in the instructions to Edit an Existing Page.

  2. Click on the tab labeled "Sidebar Area" next to the "Main Area" tab.

    Note: If you do not see a "Sidebar Area" tab as pictured above, this means that your site either does not utilize sidebar areas or that your site utilizes site-wide sidebar areas.

  3. Edit the page's sidebar area using the various Editor Tools.

  4.  Click Publish to save your sidebar area edits and publish the page and its sidebar.

Configuration 2: Site-Wide Sidebar Area

If your site is configured to utilize a site-wide sidebar area, then all pages on your site will display the exact same text or images in the sidebar area. This kind of sidebar area is generated from a special page on your site. This page does not display anywhere on your site as its own page, but instead is used to populate the sidebar area on each page of the site.

  1. To edit the sidebar area on your web site, simply find the page in the page list prefixed with "SIDEBAR:" and click Edit next to the page.

  2.  Edit the page as usual, then click Publish to save and publish your sidebar area edits.

If your site utilizes multiple departments, you may also utilize Department-Wide Sidebar Areas by navigating to the appropriate department and following the above instructions for a Site-Wide sidebar Area.