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Like a good briefcase, Radius can be neatly and clearly organized using folders. Working a little like lightweight departments, folders are a handy way to organize your pages, images, and documents.

Step by Step

  1.  Log in to Radius and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Click New Folder.*

  3. Give your folder a title and click Save.

Next Steps

All folders on your site appear at the bottom of the page, in alphabetical order. They start out condensed to save space.

Working with Folders

  1. Click the "Open" link to expand a folder and view its contents.

  2. Use the Add Page button to create a page in a folder.

  3. Move a page to a folder using the Change department button from the Edit Page screen.

  4. Change a folder's name with the Properties button.

  5. To remove a folder, click the Properties button then press Delete this folderWARNING: You will lose all pages and files contained within this folder.



*Note for Multi-Department Sites

If your web site utilizes multiple departments, you may need to navigate to another department to create the new folder in the correct department by clicking Switch departments. The current department will be listed near the top of the screen as the "Our Team" department is shown here.