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Navigation Menus

The sitewide navigation menu is the backbone of your website. More than just the means by which site visitors move from page to page, it's the at-a-glance summary indicating what your site (indeed your entire organization!) is all about. All Radius Web Tools websites include at least one sitewide navigation menu and, depending on your site design, may include additional menus.

Sitewide Menu on Website Example


Step by Step

  1. Navigate to the Sitewide tab, then to the Edit Menus link.

  1. Click Edit next to the menu you wish to modify. (Most sites utilize only a single menu, so don't be concerned if you don't see a long list of menus here.)Edit Menus link and Edit Sitewide Menu

  2. You will see one Add Group button, and many smaller green Add Link buttons.

    1. A Group appears at the top level of a navigation menu, but does not itself link to anywhere. It simply serves as a container for the links it contains. These usually display as dropdown menus.

    2. Dropdown menus are created when you place one or more Links in a Menu Group by clicking the Add Link button in the appropriate Menu Group.

    3. You can also add Links to a Group by dragging a menu item into the Menu Group.

  3. The menu tree shows how your menu is structured. Top-level items are the Links outside of a Group or the Group containers themselves. Nested items are shown inside the Group containers.

  4. To modify any link, click Edit next to it. To modify a Group's name, click the Properties button in the group.

    Edit Menu Item

  5. From the edit dialog, you can change...

    1. the Title label on the Menu Group or Menu Link,

    2. the Link To location to which the Menu Link is directed, and

    3. the Open In window in which the Menu Link will open.

      Edit Link

  6. To change the order in which a Menu Item or Menu Header appears, just drag it where you want it.
    - Menu groups can be dragged as well as menu links
    - Menu groups cannot be nested in other menu groups
    - Menu links can be moved into groups, out of groups, or between groups just by dragging them

    Display Order