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Custom URLs

Custom URL's (also known as "virtual directories") are effective for increasing your visibility in search engines and for creating user-friendly links to your most important pages. A custom URL takes site visitors directly to a specific location such as a page, calendar event, podcast, etc. on your site. In the following examples, the custom URL is the red text: or or or

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to the Sitewide tab and then to the "Custom URLs" link.

  2. To add a new URL, click the Create URL button.

    1. Enter the text you want for the custom URL. Do not type the first forward slash (/), but include any additional forward slashes you might wish to use to "nest" topics:




        Note that custom URLs can are not case-sensitive and that they may contain regular characters and dashes ("-"), but not spaces or any special characters.

    2. Select the location to which the custom URL should direct site visitors.

    3. Click Save when you are finished.

  3. To modify an existing URL, click Edit next the to URL you wish to change.
    NOTE: Changing an existing custom URL will break any hyperlinks (from within pages and on the navigation menu) that are linked to it.