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Sometimes you need to communicate short-term, timely information in a way that your site visitors can't miss. Using a sitewide announcement ensures that your message is prominently displayed on every page of your website for as long as you leave it turned "on." Consider this feature when you need to announce cancellations due to weather, impending deadlines, short-term promotions, etc.

New: Sitewide announcements can now be scheduled.


Announcement Types and Options

There are four announcement types from which to choose: Emergency, Attention, Breaking News, and General. Each of these is displayed as a different color. In addition to your message, you have the option of including a link or time information.



Step By Step

  1. Click on the "Sitewide" tab, then the "Announcements" link.Sitewide Announcements Menu

  2. Edit the properties of the Announcement.

    Sitewide Edit Announcements

  3. You can set up an announcement to be always On, always Off, or even Scheduled. Scheduled announcements need a start and end time, as well as your timezone. Radius will then automatically turn the announcement on and off at the appropriate times.

  4. Click  Publish  to save your changes. At the appropriate time, your message will appear on every page of your website.

  5. Check your public site to make sure the message is displaying exactly as you want it.