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Manage Domains

If the idea of managing your own domains gives you cold sweats, take heart! Radius makes it easier than ever!


   Purchase A New Domain
   Request A Domain Transfer
   Edit A Domain
      Allow To Expire

Purchase A New Domain

  1. Navigate to the "Sitewide" tab then to the "Manage Domains" link.
    Manage Domains Menu

  2. Click Purchase New Domain.

  3. Enter the desired domain name. Radius Web Tools will confirm whether or not it is available. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take several seconds. If the requested domain name is not available, you can try...

    1. changing the top level domain from ".com" to one of the other options, or

    2. slightly modify the domain name you're requesting, or

    3. an entirely different domain name.


  4. Select how you'd like to have this new domain configured.

    1. Parked -  A parked domain is not available for use by anyone else. It does not direct traffic to your site. Parking a domain is an economical way to reserve it for future use or to prevent a competitor from using it. All domains parked through Radius Web Tools resolve to You may park as many domains as you wish.

    2. Pointer - A pointer domain is not available for use by anyone else. It is used to direct traffic to a particular location on your site. Domain pointers are frequently used for special products or services that warrant special promotion. You may point as many domains as you wish to your web site.

      1. Redirect to Your Primary Domain
      2. Other Destination - Select any page, subcalendar, calendar event, evite, form, photo gallery, podcast, flipbook, custom URL, etc. on your site as the destination for the new domain.
    3. If you'd like to use this new domain as your primary domain, please contact us for assistance.
  5. Click Purchase.

Request A Domain Transfer

  1. Navigate to the "Sitewide" tab then to the "Manage Domains" link.

  2. Click Request Domain Transfer and fill out the simple form. Transferring a domain is a manual process. After you submit this form, one of our team members will contact you to initiate and coordinate the transfer. No changes will be made to the domain prior to this contact. You will be charged a one-time fee for each transferred domain.

  3. Click Submit Request.


Edit A Domain

  1. You can change a parked domain to a pointer so that it begins directing visitors to your site. You can also park a pointed domain so that it no longer directs traffic to your site, but still remains reserved for future use or defensive reasons. (See explanation of Parked and Pointed domains above.)

  2. You can schedule a domain to either cancel or renew at its next renewal date.

    1. Auto-Renew - Most organizations prefer to have their domain holdings automatically renew each year for convenience. The vast majority of domains managed through Radius Web Tools are set to auto-renew.

    2. Set to expire at next renewal date - Should you no longer have need for a particular domain, you can set it to expire at its next renewal date. Domains must be canceled through the domain manager no less than 15 business days prior to your next Radius payment. Failure to do so may result in an additional month's commitment.