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Blog Feeds

Step By Step: Embedding Blog Feeds

  1. Make sure your blog has already been created. If you need help creating a blog, click here.

  2. Edit the page in which you wish to embed the Blog Feed.

  3. Place the cursor at the location you wish to embed the Blog Feed.

  4. Click the Widget button.

  5. Select Blog Feed and click.

  6. In the Settings tab, choose from Available Blogs, how many posts you would like displayed, how many characters should be
    shown in the excerpt (a short extract of the blog), and if you want to show the icon.

  7. Click.

Note: The page editor is not able to actively display widgets. But once you publish the page, the widget will be visible on the live site.

Note:  To edit your existing blog widget, simply double-click on the Widget image.