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Subscribing To A Calendar Or Event

It's never been easier for your site visitors to keep up with your organization's happenings! Whenever you create an event or subcalendar using Radius Web Tools, that new event (or subcalendar) it is automatically subscribable by your site visitors. You don't need to do a thing!

Subscribe to Calendar

Your site visitors can subscribe to your entire calendar (or one of your subcalendars) by simply clicking on the ICAL button at the top of the calendar screen.

Add Event To My Calendar

When viewing a specific event, clicking the ICAL button will simply add that event to your site visitor's calendar.

Note: The ICAL button generates an .isc file. This universal file format is readable by most calendar software including Gmail, Outlook, Mail, etc. Depending on how your site visitor has configured his or her computer, the .isc file may automatically add itself to their calendar or they may be prompted to do so manually.