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The Headlines widget is designed to allow easy posting of concise news items in a predefined area of your site (typically on the home page).


Step by Step


Add or Edit a Headline List

A Headline List contains a set of Headlines.

  1. Navigate to the Pages tab, then click on "Headlines".
    Headlines Menu

  1. Click  Add Headline List  to add a new Headline List, or click  Properties  next to the Headline List you wish to edit.

  2. Enter the name of the Headline List, the number of entries you would like it to contain, and press "Save".


Add or Edit a Headline

  1. Open a Headline list by clicking the  Open  button.

  2. Click  Add Headline  to add a new Headline, or click  Edit  next to the Headline you wish to edit.

  3. A window will pop up allowing you to enter or edit the title, date, message, and link.
    Add Headline

Note: The Message field is required and is limited to 255 characters. If you're going to provide a link for this headline where the site visitor can read more about the topic, then the Message field should contain a short "teaser" to give your site visitor a hint at what he or she will find at the link. If you do not intend to provide a link with more information, then the Message field should be used to provide whatever additional information your site visitor may need to understand this Headline.

  1. When you are finished updating your Headlines, click Save .


Embed Headlines on a Page

  1. Edit the page in which you wish to embed a Headlines widget.

  2. Place the cursor at the location you wish to embed a Headlines widget.

  3. Click the Widget button ().

  4. Select "Headlines" and click Choose.Choose Headline Widget

  5. Select the Headline set you wish to embed.Choose Headline List

  6. Click OK.

    Note: The page editor is not able to actively display widgets. Once you publish the page, the widget will be visible on the live site.