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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) widget allows you to post questions that your site visitors are likely to ask... along with the answers to those questions. This might include your hours, contact information, details about the services you provide, etc. This widget can also be helpful for communicating information that your site visitors might not think to ask, but that is important to make available to them. FAQs are displayed in a predefined area of your site (typically on the home page).

Step by Step

  1. To access the FAQ widget, click on the Pages tab, then click on the FAQs link.

  2. Click View FAQs next to the appropriate department to access the list of FAQs for that department.
    Note: FAQ's are department-specific. If your site utilizes multiple departments, this means that you each department will have its own list of FAQs. If yours is a single-department site, you have a single FAQ list.

  3. The Order field determines the order in which the headline news items appear. Items assigned the same number will be alphabetized by title.


Step By Step

  1. Edit the page in which you wish to embed an FAQ list.

  2. Place the cursor at the location you wish to embed the FAQ list.

  3. Click the Widget button ().

  4. Select "FAQ" and click Choose.

  5. Configure the widget.

    1. Select the particular FAQ list you wish to embed in the page.

    2. Enter the maximum number of question-answer sets you wish to be shown at any given time on this particular page.

    3. Type in the text you wish to use for the link at the end of each answer. Possible options include "More", "Read more", "More info", etc.

    4. FAQ question-answer sets are animated to show only the answer for one question at a time to allow the maximum number of questions to be included in each list. You may designate whether the first answer in each list is expanded when the site visitor first comes to the page or is collapsed. Expanding the first answer takes extra space on the page, but can be helpful for less-savvy site visitors

  6. Click OK.
    Note: The page editor is not able to actively display widgets. But once you publish the page, the widget will be visible on the live site.