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Upcoming Events

Calendar feeds present the viewer with a list of upcoming events. These are frequently used on a sitewide or departmental homepage.

An unlimited number of calendar feeds can be used in a site. Each feed is automatically generated from the calendar module by specifying the number of events to display and which subcalendar(s) to read from. Each event consists of a date, title, description, day-of-week, starting time, and optional link for more information. A link is also provided to click through to the site calendar. Events are automatically added/removed based on the current date.

In addition to being able to embed event feeds into any page content area yourself, you can also have us embed an event feed into your site's template for a small one-time fee.

Step By Step

  1. Edit the page in which you wish to embed a calendar feed.

  2. Place the cursor at the location you wish to embed the calendar feed.

  3. Click the Widget button ().

  4. Select "Calendar Event List" and click Choose.

    Choose Calendar Widget
  5. Configure the widget.
    Configure Calendar Widget Settings

    1. Select the calendar or subcalendar you wish to be the source for this particular feed.

    2. Enter the maximum number of events you wish to be shown at any given time. Typically 4, 5, or 6 is a good place to start.

    3. Provide a limit on how far into the future the feed should look (in number of calendar days).

  6. Click OK.
    Note: The page editor is not able to actively display widgets. But once you publish the page, the widget will be visible on the live site.