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Deactivate A Page

Each page on your site can be switched between two states: active and inactive. By default, new pages are active. However, you may deactivate any page at any time using the instructions below.

Step by Step

  1.  Log in to Radius and click on the Pages tab.

  2. Find the page you'd like to deactivate—remembering that it may be located inside a folder—and click Edit next to that page.*

  3. Change the page's status to "Inactive" by clicking the radio button in the "Page Status" row.

    Inactivate pages are entirely inaccessible on the public website, they will not be returned in search results, and links to inactive pages will return a "Page Not Found" message. However, inactive pages still retain their content and are accessible through Radius. Inactive pages are flagged as inactive and moved to the bottom of the page list to stay out of your way until you need them again.


*Note for Multi-Department Sites

If your web site utilizes multiple departments, you may need to navigate to another department to create the new page in the correct department by clicking Switch departments. The current department will be listed near the top of the screen as the "Our Team" department is shown here.