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Copy-and-Paste Text

Copying text from another source and pasting into your web site is a common and helpful practice. But it can cause a good deal of aggravation if not done correctly.

What's The Issue?

When you copy text onto the clipboard (Ctrl-C) from a Word document, another web site, an email, or another source, your computer actually copies the programming code behind the words on the screen. This is great, except that different software uses different programming languages to create the words you see on the screen. Therefore it is necessary to "translate" the programming code copied onto the clipboard before pasting it into your web page. Fortunately, a "translator" is built into Radius to help you avoid the jibberish that will result from a direct copy-paste.

Step By Step

  1. Copy the desired text onto the clipboard (Ctrl-C).

  2. Place the cursor at the location on the page where you wish to paste the text from the clipboard.Text Cursor

  3. Click the "Paste as plain text" button () to open dialog that will act as the "translator."Paste Plain Text

  4. Paste the text from the clipboard (Ctrl-V) into the dialog box and click OK.Paste as Plain Text Window

NOTE: You may also wish to experiment with the "Paste from Word" button which "translates" your text while attempting to maintain basic formatting such as bold, italic, and underline.


Why are there strange characters on my page?
(and how do I get rid of them?)


While uncommon, it is possible that strange characters may appear based on where or how you've copied your content. These may appear at the start of a paragraph. We are working on tracking a solution, but try the following steps to remove the characters:

  1. Make sure Spell Check (icon) is on.

  2. In the area around where the strange characters are showing, you may notice a red zigzag line under a correctly spelled word. Delete that word and then press Backspace on your keyboard.

  3. Delete any extra spaces that were around the word.

  4. Retype the word and verify that there is not a red zigzag line under it.

  5. Publish the page and check that the strange characters no longer exist.