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Widgets: An Overview

Widgets are mini-modules that present “bite-sized” information in highly visible and accessible ways. Their layout is typically pre-designed, allowing them to be embedded in the site design (skin) or any page content area.

Edit Widget Menu

To insert a widget, click the "Widget" button Widget Button. To edit a widget that is already on a page, do one of the following: select the widget and click on the "Widget" button, double-click on the widget, or right-click on the widget to bring up a menu with an "Edit Widget" option (see right).


The FAQ widget presents the viewer a list of questions that, when clicked, expand to display the relevant answer and a link to more information. More info


Gauges are a fun, friendly way to present number-based data and statistics. They are preformatted to fit directly into your site in a way that looks good, consistent, and is easy for you to use. Spice up boring statistics with a gauge! More info


The headlines list presents the viewer a structured list of “bite-sized” information. This is most frequently used for a “what’s new” or “news” section on a sitewide or departmental homepage. More info

RSS Feeds

RSS is a specially formatted web document, not unlike HTML, that summarizes updates to a site. RSS feeds are used by a variety of sites and services to provide users with content updates in a timely manner. Radius includes an RSS widget to easily pull in content from elsewhere on the web. More info


The slideshow widget presents a series of user-created “slides” in series with a cross-fade effect between each slide. Slides can include anything that a standard page can include, but are most effective with large images or simple text and hyperlinks. More info

Calendar Event List

Event feeds present the viewer with a list of upcoming events. These are frequently used on a sitewide or departmental homepage. More info