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RSS Feeds

RSS is a specially formatted web document, not unlike HTML, that summarizes updates to a site. RSS feeds are used by a variety of sites and services to provide users with content updates in a timely manner. Radius includes an RSS widget to easily pull in content from elsewhere on the web.

Why RSS?

Using RSS, you can syndicate content to a variety of different places. While many people use RSS readers to stay up-to-date on their favorite blogs and news sites, many other savvy internet users have found other creative uses. Of course, you should never steal content from the content creators, so make sure you have permission before trying any of the following suggestions

- Import social media updates to a page on your site
- Automatically updating blog updates from another site
- Pull tweets from a twitter account
- Embed up-to-date news from your favorite news source


  1. Find the RSS feed you'd like to import and copy its URL

  2. Log in to your site and click "edit" on the page you want the RSS feed to appear on

  3. Click where you want the feed to appear, then click the "Insert/Edit Widget" button

  4. Select "RSS Feed" and click Choose

  5. Insert the URL for the desired RSS feed

  6. Edit any advanced properties you'd like to set and click OK

    Note: The page editor is not able to actively display widgets. But once you publish the page, the
    widget will be visible on the live site.

Advanced Properties

Power users can set advanced properties on their RSS feed widgets for greater control. Here's what the options do...

Number of Entries to show: a number greater than zero that limits how many RSS entries to display.
(Defaults to All Entries)

More Link Text: Replace the text of the link to the original article with whatever you want to say
(Defaults to "[

Published Date Format: Change the format of the date on each article. Most people can ignore this, as it's
only for extremely advanced users.

Show the address of each article: Display or hide the URL of the originating article.