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What Is a CMS?

Okay, so I've heard this term "CMS" a couple of times now, but just what does it mean?

Content Management Software

C.M.S. is an acronym for Content Management Software which is a general class of software used to maintain web sites. Radius Web Tools is a specific CMS, just like Microsoft Word is a specific word processor, like PhotoShop is a specific image manipulator, and like QuickBooks is a specific accounting program. However, unlike the aforementioned off-the-shelf software, with a CMS there's nothing to purchase, nothing to install on your computer, and nothing to maintain. This is because content management software (a.k.a. a "website management system" or a "content management system" or "website management software") is web-based.

Being web-based has multiple benefits:

First, you can use this powerful software from any computer in the world with internet access. That's right—you can edit your web site from your office, from home, or even from a hotel room while you're traveling. (In general, we discourage updating your web site while on vacation, though technically it is possible.)

Second, web-based software requires absolutely no ongoing maintenance by you. As part of your monthly fee, we provide full-service maintenance and upgrades. Talk about hassle-free!

Third, because Radius Web Tools is web-based, the updates you perform on your web site are instantaneous. No more waiting to upload pages to a server—you're actually editing pages directly on your web server!

Your Radius editor account puts you in control. It gives you the access you need to the Radius Web Tools software allowing your web site to grow and mature with your organization, responding in real-time to changes in the real world.

Now you know.

Aren't you glad you asked? Now that you understand what a CMS is... get out there and make the internet a better place!