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Calendar View Preferences

There are two ways to view your website's calendar for editing events. One is a standard grid view which allows you to easily select an event from one month at a time. The other view is a list view which allows you to sort to your preference.

Choosing a View

  1. To get started, Click the Calendar tab on your site.

  2. Notice the toggle button in the top-right. The currently selected view will be highlighted in blue.

  3. The view you choose will be remembered for your user account. Other accounts on the site can have their own favorite views.

Grid View

  1. Choosing the Grid view shows a standard Calendar grid.

  2. Click the month button in the center of the screen to switch to a different month or year.

  3. Choose the desired month and year, then click OK.

List View

  1. Choosing the List view shows a list of all events on your site.

  2. The list can be sorted by Name, Start Time, and End Time. The currently selected sorting method has a blue arrow.

  3. Click the header of the currently selected sorting method to reverse the sort order. Click a different sorting method to sort a different way.